As most of you are aware, the Covid outbreak has affected the shipping times for most carriers, resulting in a possible delay in receiving their orders.

We at Buzztech understand and can relate to the frustration. That is why we have taken several measures to ensure full transparency regarding shipping and arrival times for our products.

One such method we have been using is a free downloadable app that is called Arrival. This app is used worldwide providing you with information on when your order was shipped and it's estimated time of arrival.

We are also being extra vigilant in strategically choosing shipping carriers from around the world that will give our customer the fastest shipping times. Meaning, we will choose carriers that are of a closer proximity to the customer cutting down delays.

We have found that in most cases this method can shorten delivery time to 2-10 business days if shipped within the US and 2-20 days if shipped international. There are some customers who have received their order in less than a week which is encouraging.

Finally, we actively track all shipments using tracking numbers and staying in communication with all of our shipment facilities mitigating any foreseeable complications and probable delays.

Our customers are our number one priority and we will continue to strive to be better. In the end, we will get through this together.

                                                                      Thank you for your support 

                                                                      and patience.

                                                                       Buzztech Team

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