Glass Elite Privacy iPhone 11 Pro

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InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy for the iPhone 11 Pro

Glass Elite Privacy protects your screen from scratches, shatter damage, and prying eyes.

We’ve added a two-way filter to our strongest, most advanced glass screen protection, so you get full-screen privacy when it's viewed from the side.

Our exclusive ClearPrint™ technology keeps your screen looking pristine, and the beveled edges of the screen protection blend into the clean lines of your phone.

Our Strongest Glass Screen Protection Ever

The aluminosilicate glass used in Glass Elite Anti-Glare undergoes an ion-exchange tempering process which increases the surface tension of the glass making it stronger and more scratch-resistant. This is our strongest glass screen protection ever.

Two-Way, Side-View Privacy

We conduct a lot of business on our phones. That’s why we’ve added a two-way privacy filter that protects your screen from prying eyes when viewed from the side. Now you can text, read, and watch your screen in public, without everyone else seeing it too.

Breakthrough in Anti-Fingerprint Technology

ClearPrint™ technology is a unique surface treatment—used exclusively by InvisibleShield— that hides the visibility of fingerprints on your screen protection. Developed by NBD Nanotechnologies, this oleophilic process spreads oils from fingerprints so thinly on the surface that it allows light to pass through the oil, making fingerprints virtually invisible.

Maximum Scratch Protection

The same ion exchange process that strengthens our aluminosilicate glass creates such a hard, dense glass surface that scratches don’t stand a chance.

Reinforced Edges for Increased Protection

The reinforced edges on Glass Elite Anti-Glare protect the vulnerable corners and edges of your screen to prevent chips and stop cracks from starting and spreading.

Easy Application

Glass Elite Anti-Glare has EZ Apply® tabs and comes with an installation tray to ensure accurate alignment. We’ve also added a rubber install mat so you have a slip-proof surface to work on.

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Glass Elite Privacy iPhone 11 Pro
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